winter is coming…

winter is coming...


6 thoughts on “winter is coming…

    • thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i took the most of the photos with a small compact Panasonic…i just bought a nikon d5100 …its difficult for me with all this buttons… 🙂

      • Yes, that moving screen is extremely useful for taking photo at awkward angles, eg very near to the ground or high up ion the sky.

        For the moment, while you’re still new to the camera and learning, put the camera on Programme mode and let it sort out the photos for you.

        Then, as you learn a little more, set the camera on Aperture Priority – >>>and use that always<<< – because for pictures like you and I take, the aperture is a very important factor – it governs how much of the picture is in focus. So, you choose the aperture eg F8, and the camera sets the correct shutter speed for that aperture.

        If you have a computer, shoot RAW files for best quality and work on them in an image editing programme eg Photoshop Elements afterwards. Do not oversharpen them.

        Leave White Balance on auto, at least for the moment – I use auto all the time.

        Finally – any questions / problems – ask me! Adrian

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