thanks for the award….

3 days before i received a nomination for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am new in all this  and I want to express special thanks to Gary Muncy at for nominating me for this award.


If you are at all familiar with such awards, you are asked to fulfill a couple obligations that passes on a little information about the recipient and passes on the award to other bloggers that I enjoy (their spirit, content, positivity, talent).

It is traditional to pass along 7 pieces of info about me: 

1)    I drink almost every night a glass of wine

2)    I love lighting the fireplace even if the weather  is good

3)    I need two pillows to sleep

4)    I love making  soap bubbles

5)    I can’t watch  scary movies

6)    I love dogs…

7)    I don’t watch tv anymore…I love radio playing all the time

Now for my recommendations of recipients for The Inspiring Blogger Award. I am to nominate 15 interesting blogs. There are many. There are many that have also received numerous awards, so if you already received the TVIBA in the past no worries. Just know you still have what it takes!


There you have my worthy nominations for The Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out their inspiring blogs and give them your likes. Thanks again Gary!!!


6 thoughts on “thanks for the award….

  1. Congratulations on the award, Dini, you deserve it – and thanks for mentioning FATman Photos too!

    Other things? >>> one glass of wine a night is not much! And you’re absolutely right about noe watching TV – its mostly awfully boring! Adrian

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