first Liebster Awards


My Liebster Awards came from Pavlos Zikos ( ) and Lampros Velissaridis ( )
i have to thank them both again and again!!!!
This award has the following rules:

1) Post 11 random things about myself.

1) I drink almost every night a glass of wine

2) I love lighting the fireplace even if the weather is good

3) I need two pillows to sleep

4) I love making soap bubbles

5) I can’t watch scary movies

6) I love dogs…

7) I don’t watch tv anymore…I love radio playing all the time

8) I never drink coffee alone…if i don’t have friend around i don’t drink coffee

9) I love the sea in winter

10) I love to observe my plants and my flowers grow

11) I am 35 years old and i am still wearing a bracelet that my mother gave me 20 years ago

2) Answer 11 questions from the (s) who nominated me( i have 22)

1.What is your favorite color?

2.Coffee or tea?

3.What was your favorite childhood toy?

4.What’s your favorite memory?

5.Why do you blog?
i feel like home

6.What’s your most unrealistic ambition?
stay in one building with all my friends

7.What makes you angry
when someone does not respect me

8.What’s your biggest regret?
i didn’t realize that i love photography earlier

9.Not counting family…what do you feel your greatest accomplishment is so far in life?
stay real in this life without masks

10.Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you?
i think me

11.What’s your favorite photographer
too many!!! like Travels?

2.Name Three thinks you love to do!!!
walks… eat chocolate…travel

3.Mountain or Sea?
i don’t wanna choose

4.Day or Night?
i love the busy days!!! i love the lonely nights!

5.Black & White or Color photos?
love them both!

6.Why photography as a Hobby\Profession?
it feels like home!!!

7.What is your favorite photography style (I.E Street, Nature, Portraits)?
i love them all!!

8.Have you ever Visit Greece (I am from Greece )?
every time i am away from Greece i feel like i am cheating

9.In which three Cities or Countries you like to travel?
Greece France Scotland

10.You have a chance to make professional photo shooting – Which Celebrity would you ask?
Anthony Hopkins

11.Would you give you kids the motive to start photography?
yes!!! every day!

3) Post 11 new questions to those bloggers I nominate

tell us
1. an extreme thing you did
2.two colors you love
3.your favorite drink
4.something you love doing alone
5.your best quote
6. your favorite place to be
7. three things you hate
8.your favorite book
9.your favorite movie
10.your photography style you prefer
11.dream or reallity

4) Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know I’ve done so).


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