morning walk…

morning walk...


19 thoughts on “morning walk…

  1. In all of your pictures it is the color palette that brings them to this certain kind of atmosphere. A bit crazy, a bit kitschy, a bit melancholic, a bit childlike, a bit innocent and naive, a bit serious. I am sure that the person who took the pictures – obviously you 🙂 – has very sensitive eye and intuition for details and atmospheres. So far i have to say that your art works. The pictures are extremely clear – not only because of the reduced forms and colors but also because of the reduced concept behind i guess. All these attributes are necessary in order to create artistic qualities within the pictures. Let it be paintings or photography or something else. The only question now is whether there is some real substance – you may call it content – within your ideas and pictures that owns generality. Your style in order to create is your thing. The way your picture dramaturgy works represents the way you interpret life, world and humanity. But. What do you exactly show? Why should we – the audience – stand still and take a look? Is there a “should” at all?
    Rethink these questions? That may help you.
    Since – as I see it – your work is pretty nice and there is something in it?!
    I just think that this “in it” can become even a bit more clear! And it needs to be clearer if you really want to touch my inside part.
    Up to now the character of your pictures is try strong indeed. And your pictures tend to stop me thinking. Tend to stop me! Let them stop me!

    Perhaps I may be wrong with what I say here. Perhaps you already found your visual language. I don’t want to judge. I just want to give a constructive feedback. I want art to live within communication. Because without communication there won`t be art.

    • first of all
      thank you very much for the time you spend in my blog…
      it really means a lot to me.
      I took my first no-family photo before two years(November 11)…
      It started like a hobby..
      I had a small compact panasonic.
      Most of the pictures are with this camera.
      After one year I bought a nikon but I still take photos like I have a compact one.
      (I didn’t have the time -kids and family- to really learn this small TREASURE I have in my hands)

      The past two years I realised that photography
      take me in a small tiny world that its all mine!!!!!!!!!!
      I want to take photos all the time!!
      Maybe it’s a kind of psychotherapy.

      I love to have an audience
      -I think everybody does-
      but I dont want to show them something specific.
      All these photos and titles are done unconsciously,
      WITHOUT purpose!!

      I really loved this comment!!!

      It is time to see deeper in me and in my pictures..
      Maybe soon I will be ready to answer in all these questions…
      but not now because I really don’t know!!!
      thanks again for your time!!!

  2. Art is life. A big question!
    And everyone has the right to search for his own individual answer!
    Nothing will make you more happy than knowing yourself.
    Living art has this big potential. Not only to give “nice work and progress” to us but also to give a map of life to individual happiness to us. And the map is not finished. Its alive – the the greatest wonder at all! Living art means a vital mind. And a vital mind is the best weapon against hatred and anger! 🙂

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