About me

My name is Dini . I live in Greece. I worked as an interior designer, and from November 2011 I realized that I want to “click” everything   around  me.

When I’m not thinking about (or actually doing) design and photograph, I love travelling, spending time with my  family and friends, going to concerts, exhibitions or for a walk in the park.

Thanks for passing by my blog. I keep my full portfolio over here, so please, take a look  and keep up to date with my photos…

And don’t be a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Readers are encouraged and welcome to share this blog, but please do not copy or distribute any photos without my permission. If you have questions, comments or requests, contact me at dinie7@gmail.com.



152 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your shots are always visually striking and I can see your designer background mixing in with the composition. Your quite talented and I enjoy your work. Well done.

    • i am glad you liked them !!! i just bought a nikon d5100…. it has too many bottons !!!! 🙂 the most of the pictures till now was with a small compact !!!!!! i am really happy when i read messages like that!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you again !!!!

  2. Hi Dini, so excited to discover what you care about. What moves you. Why you do what you do. Day in and day out. The way you photograph is brilliant. Nice to find such a talented person. Peace and blessings. Michele

    • thank you again Michele!!! i am in love with the “click” sound…. 🙂
      i am still learning my nikon but i really don’t care…i make memories everything i like… 🙂

      • Ah… thank you, Dina. In love with the ‘click’ sound. What a wonderful way to describe your passion. So glad I stumbled upon your memories. It’s not an everyday occurrence to find someone like you… 🙂

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